Fishing report

ION beat on Lake Thingvellir

The fishing has been good and steady. It is more difficult to get the fish to bite during the summer time but the fish is there and there can be a lot of action. It is very exciting to use dry fly in good weather. Prime time is spring and fall, we still have few available slots in the fall.

Lake system Lysa

The trout and char fishing has been good this season, few salmon were caught there last week. There are chances of getting salmon, though mainly it is trout and char fishing.

Leira river in Leirarsveit

The salmon usually arrives late to Leira river in Leirarsveit. One of our guides was there yesterday and saw at least five salmon. We are looking forward to get an update on the fishing this week.

Lower Ranga

The Ranga river system has been quite slow this year. It seems like the salmon is arriving late this year compared to the last years. The Lower Ranga mainly relies on the fish going up to the East Ranga where the fishing has been starting slowly. It seems like the fishing is picking up, this morning 11 salmon were caught in Lower Ranga.

Skjalfandafljot river

The fishing in Skjalfandafljot river has been average this year. The conditions have been very tough last couple of days due to the warm weather in north Iceland. There is a muddy snow melt from the glacier above the river which colors the river and makes it difficult to fish. We are hoping it is clearing up.

Urridafoss waterfall in Thjorsa river

The sputnic fishing of the year, the average catch per rod per day is 7,5 salmon. The fishing is really good and has been from day one. We just got some extra days there in late August and September, few days are still available.

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