Urridafoss waterfall - The sputnic of 2017

Urridafoss waterfall - the sputnic of 2017

Every Wednesday night the numbers of salmon caught in most river in Iceland are collected.

We are proud to say that Urridafoss waterfall is in the top place, way above the second place, with 313 salmon per rod this season. The Urridafoss waterfall not only offers great salmon fishing, it also has phenomenal surroundings and the atmosphere is great.

Urridafoss waterfall has one of the biggest wild salmon stock in Iceland. More water flows over the Urridafoss waterfalls in the Thjorsa river than any other Icelandic waterall. Thjorsa river is majestic and is the longest river in Iceland or about 230 km from source to sea.

Urridafoss waterfall holds many fun and adventurous fishing spots, it is full of life and offers a different kind of salmon fishing.

Only few days available this season.

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