Availability in the Lower Ranga

Last minute cancellation in the Lower Ranga

August 6th - August 8th

The fish has been arriving late to the Rangas system this year, it seems like it has been catching up the last days as the last party caught 27 salmon and a lot of fresh fish is coming in.

The Lower Ranga is the lowest part of both East and West Ranga rivers, the East bank. The stretch is about 20 km long and goes from the junction of Thvera/East RangA, through the junction of East/West Ranga and towards the sea.

All the salmon of East and West Ranga rivers goes through the Lower Ranga.

The fishing lodge is really nice. With 6 twin, ensuite bedrooms, large sitting/dining room, a large veranda, good tackle store and a hot tub. The Lower Ranga is located ca. 90 min from Reykjavik.

Best regards, Johanna G