West Rangá river 2016

We still have some openings in West Rangá next summer. Last summer ended with 8803 salmon caught, not surprisingly West Rangá is one of the best known rivers in Iceland. It has a great number of catches and the access to the numerous pools is very accessible to most anglers. Fishing in the volcanic landscape with big waterfalls and beautiful pools, makes you want to come back for more.

For the last decade West Rangá has been rated in the top seats for the highest catch numbers of all the salmon rivers in Iceland.

The fishing season is quite long, from the end of June through October, whereas most Icelandic salmon rivers close late September. We often have fresh fish coming to the end of the season which makes the autumn fishing sought after at West Rangá.

West Rangá is divided into 3 parts, the main beat, where most of the salmon caught is fished with 16 rods. These 16 rods are split to 4 beats, so there are 4 rods fishing on each beat. It takes 2 days to fish the whole river so most anglers choose to stay there for 4 or 6 days fishing.

West Rangá offers a very nice full service lodge by the river. A new sitting/dining room area was built in 2012 and the new bedrooms was built for 2015 season.

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Best regards, Stefán