Want to catch the biggest trout of your life?

Trophy trout fishing in 2017

You still got time to catch the biggest trout of your life, there are 2 weeks left until the famous ION Beat on Lake Thingvellir closes. There are anglers from all over the world traveling to Iceland to fish for trophy trout on the ION Beat, it has been one of the most popular day tour fishing spots this season and is definitely one of the main fly fishing wonders of Iceland. There are trouts up to 30 pounds caught there every year.

The ION beat is located in Lake Thingvellir, which is the largest natural lake in Iceland and provides us with one of the fly fishing wonders of Iceland. Lake Thingvellir is located in the Thingvellir National Park. The combination of the sedate atmosphere, the crystal clear lake located in the ethereal landscape of astonishing lava rock formations, volcanoes in the distance, great fishing opportunities and raw natural beauty. It is in a short driving distance from Reykjavik, which makes it very convenient for a day tour.

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