2020 salmon fishing availability

Ready to start planning your 2020 fishing?

How to choose the best river? There are over 100 salmon rivers in Iceland so let us help you to choose a river that suits you and your preferences. We have over 20 years of experience in planning fishing tours so we will advise you on where to go.

Thverá river

7 rod salmon river, full service lodge, one of the finest in Iceland
  • June 15 - 18 (afternoon - noon)

Kjarrá river

7 rod salmon river, full service lodge. BIG salmon in an amazing landscape
  • June 12 - 15 (afternoon - noon)

Langá river

12 rod river, full service lodge
  • July 3 - 6 (afternoon - noon)
  • July 6 - 9 (afternoon - noon)

Brennan Junction pool

3-rod self-catering salmon river, nice lodge. Big salmon. June 15 - 18 (afternoon - noon) July 17 - 19 (afternoon - noon)

Lower Rangá

6 rod salmon river, full service/self catering optional. Best week of the season
  • July 28 - 31 (afternoon - noon)
  • August 4 - 6 (afternoon - noon)
  • August 6 - 8 (afternoon - noon)
  • August 8 - 10 (afternoon - noon)

Leirá river

2 rod salmon and sea trout river, small self catering hut, catch and release only
  • Prime time September, perfect combination with Fossá river


Fossá is a wonderful fall river, prime time September. 2 rods, self-catering river. Ideal as a combination with Leirá.


2 rod river with a self catering cottage
  • July is the prime time for Brynjudalsá

Urridafoss waterfall in Thjorsá river

4 rod beat, 2 rods sold together. Most productive salmon fishing in Iceland Waiting list, please contact us for more information

Mid highland trout and char fishing

  • Late June to end of July

Please send us an email or call us to chat about what you expect and what you prefer when fishing.
For us it is good to know the following:
    • When are you free to travel?
    • Have you fished in Iceland, where and how did you like it?
    • Are you alone or with others?
    • Are you looking for a day tour or perhaps 3 - 6 days of fishing?
    • Would you like to combine salmon and trout/char fishing?
    • Do you have a fixed budget?

Best regards, Harpa Hlín