Fishing 24/7 in Iceland

Fishing 24/7 in Iceland

Trout and char adventure

Not everyone knows that it is possible to fish 24/7 in Iceland. On the mid highlands of Iceland it is possible due to the 24 hours of day light during the summer time and no limit of fishing hours. Fishing on the mid highlands is very rustic, while fishing there you stay in a self catering hut in the middle of nowhere.

The untouched Icelandic highlands are very interesting for real nature lovers to visit and offers a great trout and char adventure. There are endless fishing spots, it is covered with hundreds of lakes and little streams and rivers, new options every day. The experience is unforgettable.

It is very popular to combine the highland adventure with other fishing locations as well, starting fishing on the highlands for few days and then head on to other fishing spots, the most popular choice is to add 2-3 days of fishing different trout and char rivers or lakes in South Iceland while staying in a nice self catering cottage.

The adventures are custom made for all anglers, the options are numerous.

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