Spring sea trout fishing in Iceland

Spring sea trout fishing in Iceland

There are several rivers in Iceland known for good sea trout fishing in the spring, the prime time for spring sea trout fishing is from the season start on April 1st and until ca. middle of May, but then the sea trout migrates back to the sea for the summer. Though it is prime time for sea trout, there are also chances of catching brown trout and arctic char.

As mentioned, the fishing season in Iceland starts on April 1st, there are many anglers waiting with great anticipation for that day, probably since the last fishing day of the season before. Due to the high demand for licences in the season start the permits usually have to be booked with good advance.

The sea trout fishing in Iceland should not be underestimated, sea trout fishing is a lot of fun and often very active and vibrant in the spring, all anglers should try good sea trout fishing. The sea trout fights well and can grow up to big sizes, or over 20 lbs.

Iceland Outfitters offers sea trout fishing to some of the best sea trout rivers in Iceland. It is possible to go on a day tour, or even few days of fishing and then trying out different fishing locations. All tours are custom made to each angler/group.

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