The best salmon fishing in Iceland

The best salmon fishing in Iceland

The summer of 2017 was the first time Urridafoss waterfall opened for fishing with a rod and it can be said it opened with a blast. It was the best salmon fishing in Iceland of 2017 when looking at number of salmon per rod. There was a quota of 5 salmon per rod per day and for the first 45 days most anglers, if not all anglers caught their whole quota and often already in the morning. We are really proud of this successful collaboration with the landowners of Urridafoss. After the fishing season this year, anglers referred to Urridafoss waterfall as "the sputnic of 2017" and "the most interesting thing that has happened to the fishing in Iceland in a long time".

In 2018, there will be 4 rods fishing Urridafoss, 2 rods in the waterfall itself and 2 rods above and below it. There is a 3 hour rotation and a quota of 5 salmon per rod per day. There is a small and basic hut by the river which anglers can use for the day but it is not suitable for accommodation. There are several accommodation options in the area, we will gladly assist you on arranging the accommodation if needed.

The prices are quite fair compared to other salmon fishing in Iceland. We recommend anglers to fish Urridafoss for 1-2 days and it is the perfect addition to our many other salmon and trout rivers in Iceland. We can give you some good ideas and proposals if you would like to combine it with other fishing. Almost the whole summer of 2017 was sold out really early so make sure you will get your slot this year.

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