The perfect Icelandic trout adventure

The perfect Icelandic trout adventure

Self catering tour with transportation included

The perfect adventure to get to know the wide variety of trout and char fishing Iceland has to offer. Starting with rustic days on the mid highlands in the middle of nowhere where you can fish 24/7 and moving on to the South Coast of Iceland, which offers different kind of vibrant fishing location each day. Each adventure is custom made for each angler/group, the amount fishing days at each location varies.

Mid highland fishing

Your guide collects you either in Reykjavik or at the Keflavik airport and takes you up to the mid highlands of Iceland where you will be fishing for the next days. The mid highlands offer endless of fishing opportunities, you can fish different rivers, lakes and streams every day, the feeling while fishing on the highlands is like to be completely alone with the nature. While fishing on the highlands you are staying in a rustic, self catering hut.

South coast fishing

After fishing on the mid highlands you move on to the second chapter of your adventure. Your guide will take you to the South Coast of Iceland where you will be fishing different rivers and lakes the next days. All the fishing spots are different from each other in character and size and you can fish for up to 12 hours each day. While fishing on the south coast you will be staying in a nice self catering hut.

The tour is inclusive of:

  • Fishing permits
  • Private guide
  • Transportation
  • Bed linen and towels

Please note that it is possible to custom made the plan differently.

For more info please contact Johanna:

Best regards, Johanna G