Greenland Winter adventure

Greenland winter Adventure

Ptarmigan hunting in Greenland (min 7 pers/max 12 pers)

Availability 2018:

March 15th - March 19th April 12th - April 16th Ptarmigan hunting in Greenland is very interesting and a great adventure. Greenland is one of the oldest countries in the world and is very different from everything else most people are used to. The landscape and the nature changes from day to day due to all the ice. Most of the time there is a lot of Ptarmigan in Greenland, among the Ptarmigan, hunters will also get the opportunity to hunt for arctic hares, which are also called snow hares or polar rabbits.

Most of the domestic hunters prefer using small riffles like 22 or 17 HMR, which is a very good sport, there are also many hunters who prefer using a shotgun which is also a good option.

While hunting in Greenland you stay at a camp located in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. There you can find shops, restaurants and do some exploring, you can even go skiing in your spare time.

The tour is 4 days in total with 3 hunting days.

The tour is inclusive of:

Full board and lodging in Greenland (2 persons share one room) All transportion in Greenland 2 guides and a boat when hunting Lunch pack over midday Hunting licences in Greenland (3 days of hunting) Not inclusive:

Flights to and from Nuuk, Greenland Drinks Price per hunter: 2800 EUR


Typical hunting Day

Early wake up and breakfast. After breakfast the driver will collect the group of hunters and drive down to the harbour where a boat is waiting. It takes from 20 min and up to 1,5 hour to drive to the hunting area, depending on which fjord the guides choose to hunt in. The boat drops of two hunters at a time on the hunting area, the boat is always close by and hunters have radios with them to stay in contact with the boat. A typical hunting day is approx. 6-8 hours of walking. After a good day of hunting and walking, the captain will collect the hunters again, group by group and then sail back to the camp.

What to bring:

Good waterproof walking boots Warm wind and rain proof clothing (the temperature can go down to -20°C) Gators Warm hats Warm gloves/mittens Snowshoes (the captain has some available) GPS is always good to have to track the way down to the boat. small game riffle or shotgun. There is a very good hunting shop in Nuuk where you can get most cartridges. Lead is not allowed in shotguns in Greenland so they sell steel shots.

Please note that you need a european shooting pass to bring weapon to Greenland.

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