Salmon fishing in East Ranga

East Rangá

We have few days available for the spring fishing in East Ranga in June. June fishing can be the most interesting fishing of the season. Of course this is early season so it is always a question of when the salmon arrives, but we think most anglers agree on that it is more fun to catch 1 big than 2 small salmon. Salmon arrived late in 2017 but in 2016 500 salmon where caught in June and all of them 2sw or bigger and it is difficult to find more and better quality fishing.

Everyone, including ourselfs are expecting a super 2018 season for East Rangá river.

East Ranga opens June 15th and it is perfect to combine with:

  • Urridafoss
  • Lower East Rangá (junction of East and West Ranga
  • Brennan Junction or
  • Trout fishing.

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Best regards, Stefán