Musk ox hunting in Greenland

Winter musk ox hunting in Greenland

Availability: March 5th - 8th, 2018

The perfect tour for adventure hunters who want to experience the arctic winter. The hunting brings you into the remote arctic winter wilderness. It is hunting in extreme conditions with temperatures from around 0°C to -40°C. It is an adventure in the world’s “last frontier”.

The hunting is by ATV/snowmobile and on foot on a spot and stalk hunt. Depending on conditions, you will travel on ATVs or snowmobile to the hunting area, after spotting the animal you start a stalk on foot. Hunters often come close to big arctic musk ox during the hunt. The last part of the hunt is exciting and can often test the hunter’s nerve system! The hunting takes place under extreme arctic winter conditions; therefor the hunter’s physical health has to be good. The hunting camp is approx. 45 km from town, in the middle of the wilderness, to get there the frozen fjord is crossed on an ATV or snowmobile.

The musk ox hunting Iceland Outfitters offers has near to 100% success on strong Musk ox bulls with good trophy or old bulls with strong boss.

"The Arctic Five"

During the winter time it is possible to hunt musk ox, caribou, white fox, white hare and the ptarmigan. When doing so it starts with musk ox hunting and then go after a caribou, followed by the small game. If a hunter succeeds with hunting all of the five species mentioned above you have accomplished to shoot what is called "The Arctic Five". To be mentioned: Caribou does not have big antlers at this time of year and the hides are not suitable for conservation – but still; ''The Arctic Five'' is ''The Arctic Five''! Only few places in the world you find the exclusive trophy of the Musk ox together with the possibility to shoot all of ''The Arctic Five'.

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