A few good reasons to visit Iceland

The landscape

Everywhere you go, Iceland has something exciting to offer. Rivers, Lakes, Black Sand Beaches, Volcanoes, Glacier. Iceland looks very different between summer and winter, the biggest being 24 hours daylight in summer and the lack of daylight in the winter.
Winter is white or gray with Northern lights. Spring is when we are the happiest as the day is getting longer and all is coming to life. THe colors of spring and early summer can be surreal, fluorescent green with our black sand and blue ski can be out of this world.
Summer is green and the days are loooong. Fall is red, green and yellow.

What to do?

There is always something to do in Iceland, leave plenty of space for photos on your phone before you arrive, there is always something interesting to see or take a picture of. Here are some ideas:

  • climb a volcano or enter one,
  • take a helicopter flight over glaciers or hike on one,
  • enjoy watching our hot springs or bath in one,
  • Fish our waters or scuba dive in them
  • Ride on our ponies, or xxx one

The long winter nights

In December/January we have very long nights here in Iceland. Luckily, they are lid up with white snow, Christmas lights and of course the world famous Northern lights. One of the biggest reason people from all over the world visit us in the winter is to see and enjoy our spectacular winternights.

The long summer days

Icelanders get a good night sleep in the winter to power up for our long summer days. The longest day of the year is late June and we hardly can tell the difference between day or night. Enjoy a private boat tour under the midnight sun.

How to get to Iceland? How far is Iceland from..

We are there, right in the middle of the world! In the middle of the Atlantic ocean a perfect connection between Europe and North America.

  • 5 1/2 hour New York - Iceland
  • 5 hours Boston - Iceland
  • 6 hours Toronto - Iceland
  • 3 hours London - Iceland
  • 2 1/2 hours Edinburgh - Iceland
  • 3 1/2 hours Copenhagen - Iceland
  • 4 hours Madrid - Iceland

Best regards, Stefán