The Lower Ranga

The Lower Ranga

Prime time availability 2018:

  • August 5th - 8th
  • August 8th - 10th

The Lower Ranga also called the East Bank or Holsa river, is the lowest part of the famous East and West Ranga rivers. The stretch is about 20 km long and goes from the junctio of Thvera/East Ranga, through the junction of East/West Ranga and towards the sea. All the salmon of East and West Ranga rivers goes through Lower Ranga. Or about 50.000 salmon. Anglers are mainly fishing for salmon, but there is a good sea trout after mid-August. The largest sea trout caught was 18lbs. The Lower Ranga holds many fun fishing spots and variety of fishing opportunities. The surroundings are beautiful.

Last season over 150 salmon were caught on 6 rods during the period of 3rd-10th of August, we are expecting 2018 to be even better.


The Lower Ranga is located in South Iceland, approx. 90 min from Reykjavik. The closest nearby town is Hvolsvollur.


The lodge is one of the finest in Iceland. With 6 twin, en-suite bedrooms, large sitting/dining room, a large veranda, good tackle store and a hot tub. There is a good kitchen and an outdoor grill with seating for outside dining. The lodge accommodates up to 12 people comfortably.

Prime time

July 20th - August 20th The best prime time dates are August 1st - August 10th.

Recommended Tackles

Double handed rod, floating line and a sink tip.

Recommended Flies

Tubes are most popular, Sunray Shadow in all types mixed with some colours and silver, Collie Dog, Snaelda in all version, 1⁄2-1”, Frances 1⁄2-1” black and red.

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