The fishing season is just around the corner

Season start

Since last season ended in October, we have been waiting for April to arrive. April is just around the corner and so is the fishing season, which starts on April 1st.

April is also known for offering good sea trout fishing, therefore the fishing licences in April are very sought after and usually booked in good advance.

Most anglers are familiar with the great salmon fishing Iceland has to offer and the brown trout fishing too, but not necessary the sea trout fishing. Sea trout fishing is definitely something all anglers have to try. It is a lot of fun, they fight well and can get really big, or even over 20 lbs.

Iceland Outfitters arranges fishing tours to some of the best sea trout rivers in Iceland. All our tours are tailor made, we choose the best option possible depending on prime time on each river.

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Best regards, Johanna G