West Rangá river July 28th to August 3rd. Salmon in Iceland

Rods just became available July 28th to August 3rd on West Rangá river. There are few rivers that offer as many salmon as West Rangá river.

The average catch for the July/August week during the last 6 years is 543 salmon or 3,9 salmon per rod per day.

Why choose West Rangá?

  • West Rangá is always among the top salmon rivers in Iceland, for number of salmon caught pr rod
  • West Rangá is located 100 km from Reykjavik, so it only takes you 1 hour to get there.
  • West Rangá offers relatively easy access, which makes it suitable for most anglers
  • West Rangá is full of salmon
  • West Rangá fishing lodge will have brand new bedrooms for next season - full service lodge, all meals included.
  • West Rangá offers professional and knowledgeable guides on the river
  • West Rangá is great fun to fish with a lot of different pools and beats
  • West Rangá is beautiful and charming as you see in the photos

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Best regards, Harpa Hlín