Urridafoss waterfall

Urridafoss Waterfall on Thjorsa river

After a great season in 2017 we are all excited for the upcoming season to start. The average catch per rod was the best in whole Iceland last season and the licences were very sought after. A big part of the upcoming season is already sold out, so we recommend anglers to secure their slots in good advance.

Urridafoss waterfall is located in South Iceland, approx. 1 hour from Reykjavik. There are 4 rods fishing Urridafoss waterfall, two are fishing the waterfall itself and the other two fish above and below the waterfall, there is a 3 hour rotation.

Urridafoss waterfall has one of the biggest wild salmon stocks in Iceland. More water flows over the waterfall than any other Icelandic waterfall. The waterfall is to be found on the majestic Thjorsa river, which is the longest river in Iceland. The surroundings are spectacular and the energetic atmosphere is not like any other salmon fishing. All anglers should try fishing Urridafoss waterfall at least once.

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