ICELAND - 2018 salmon season opened today!

2018 salmon season in Iceland has opened

Salmon season in Iceland has until now, always opened the first days of June. This year, after the magnificent success we had with Urridafoss waterfall last year, we decided to take the chance and open a few days earlier. So after a couple of sleepless nights of excitement, Stefán Sigurdsson and his friends went to open the river this morning at 08:00.

At 13:00 5 salmon have been landed and 5 lost, so the salmon has arrived!

Even though our calendar says the summer is here, the weather obviously did not get the memo. We do not see much sign of summer yet and we have had cold wind and rainy days all through May. So all our rivers have a lot of water and as you see in the pictures, even too much water. The fishing conditions are hard, but the salmon is here.

Tight lines from Iceland

Best regards, Harpa Hlín