Unique rustic arctic char and trout adventure on the mid highlands

The mid-highlands of Iceland


  • June - August

The mid-highlands of Iceland are very interesting and one of a kind to visit, especially for real nature lovers. On the highlands you fish for arctic char in the completely untouched nature, which is an unforgettable experience.

The mid-highlands are covered with hundreds of lakes, streams and rivers, with endless of fishing water and opportunities. You are fishing different locations every day. The fishing on the mid-highlands is very rustic and you are in the middle of nowhere While fishing you accommodate in a small rustic mountain hut, which makes the experience even more unique. There is a grill at the hut and access to toilet and shower.

There is no limit on fishing hours on the mid-highlands, meaning that you can fish 24/7 and luckily in Iceland there is 24/7 hour daylight during the biggest part of the summer.

Last but not least, fishing on the highlands is offered on very fair rates.

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Best regards, Johanna G