Goose hunting on Melar hunting grounds

Goose hunting on Melar hunting grounds


  • November 9th-11th, 2018

Melar hunting grounds in Iceland are some of the best goose hunting areas in Europe. the mixture of over 300 ha of barley fields, plenty of grass and a large wetland, makes Melar area extremely attractive for the geese to stay. During the hunting season there are thousands of geese feeding on the grounds.

To explain the size of Melar hunting grounds, the 300 ha of lands equals 3.000.000 m2, which is similar to 420 football fields.

Hunting on the Melar area is specially designed to keep the quality of the hunting very high. The number of hunters is limited to 4 hunters per day, even though the area would easily handle more. This is done to ensure that the geese will always have a place to feed and rest, as well as to keep the birds in the area. To keep the quality of hunting high throughout the season, there is a limit of 16 geese per hunter per day.


Melar hunting grounds are locted in South West Iceland, approx. 40 min drive from Reykjavik.

Prime time

Late September - Mid November

Hunting hours

The hunt starts early in the morning, when it is still dark. Hunters will be at the hunting fields getting ready approx. an hour before sunrise and the hunting itself last the first 3-4 hours after daylight.

Typical itinerary

Guide goes to the hunting grounds ca. 2 hours before sunrise to prepare the grounds for the upcoming hunting.

The hunters drive to the hunting grounds early morning or in the middle of the night, arriving to the hunting grounds approx. an hour before sunrise. The drive to the hunting grounds from Reykjavik takes about 40 min.

Hunters will prepare for the hunting upon arrival and get ready for the birds to start flying.

The hunting itself stops at noon, or earlier if the quota is reached. After the hunting the hunters will drive back to their accommodation.

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