The perfect mix trip, Salmon, Trout, and Arctic char

We are offering beautiful combo trips offering the angler a chance to fish two or three different rivers in 4 to 6 days. both for Salmon and Brown trout or Arctic Char.

These combo tours are one of Iceland Outfitters most popular trips being offered to date, and gives our clients an opportunity to see what Iceland can offer.

A typical combo trip.

Our driver or the guide will pick you up at the airport and drive to the Varmá/ Thingvellir/Galtalækur/Norðfjardara/ fishing lodge to fish for Trout. Varmá lodge is self-catering and the guide will stop at the supermarket to buy something to grill in the evening. The fishing starts in the afternoon, you fish from 16.00 - 22.00 then it is dinner time, then retire to bed.

Early wake up, breakfast and then we fish to 13.00, then we take lunch, take time for a nap, then start again at 16.00 and fish until 22.00, have dinner and go to bed.

Early wake up, breakfast, fishing to 12.00, have lunch, pack, then time to move to Laxa in Kjos/ Thvera /Laxa in Dolum/ Langa, All Icelandic Classic salmon rivers, full serve lodge. we start to fish the afternoon 16.00 and stop fishing 22.00, dinner time, go to bed.

full day fishing, with lunch and ciesta.

Early Wake up, brekfast fishing stop at 12.00 and then we are on the road again, next stop is West Ranga, and now we change gear, pack the single handed rods and up with the double handed rods,sink tip and of we go, we start fishing at 16.00 and now the same routine for next to days.

The last morning of fishing we stop fishing 12.00, pack, lunch and shower and we drive back to Reykjavik to hotel if you want to stay one night in the capital or the guide will drive you to the airport.

Best regards, Stefán