Have you ever seen a salmon like this before?

In August 2014, angler Ms. Jill Edwards caught this deformed salmon on West Rangá river in Iceland. Ms. Edwards and her fellow angler Ms. Pratt have fished many rivers around the world and had never seen anything like this.

Ms. Edwards told us:

“I cast the line and the first time I felt a knock, so cast again. I did this about 6 times and every cast there was a knock on the fly. Eventually the fish took and you can see the result. He was obviously trying to take the fly every time but kept on knocking it with his deformed nose. He eventually managed to get the fly in the side of his mouth and so I managed to land him!"

The salmon was in good shape and a strong fighter so his deformed nose will not have affected his feeding.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín