Brennan salmon fishing, 3 rod private beat

Brennan junction pool

Brennan junction pool is the junction of the famous Thverá and Hvítá glacier river in West Iceland. There are some of our most famous rivers that run into Hvítá river, Nordurá, Grímsá, Thverá, and Flókadalsá and all the junction pools are good for fishing. The most famous would be Straumar junction pool of Hvítá and Nordurá and Brennan.

Brennan is best for salmon fishing in June and July but the fishing also gets very interesting in the fall for a combination of sea trout and salmon fishing.

There are 3 rods that fish Brennan in July and there is a very nice lodge privately for anglers. Lodge was renovated last season and it has 3 twin rooms, nice kitchen/living room and a veranda with a hot tub.

When fishing in Brennan you take 1 guide for the 3 rods and it is well possible to be a group of 6 or more people. There is a sleeping loft if you are more than 6 guests.

We have prime time dates available June 15 - 18 (afternoon - noon) and July 19-21 (afternoon - noon)

NB! we also have 2 days on Straumar Junction pool from July 21 - 23 (afternoon - noon) which is a perfect combination with Brennan.

Best regards, Harpa Hlín