Where to fish next summer?

Where to fish in Iceland?

Fishing season in Iceland is from April - October, so make sure you visit inside that time frame if you like to go fishing for a day or more.


Seatrout prime time

April is the most popular time for Seatrout fishing but the sea trout fishing starts to get good again in September and is good through October but mind you most rivers close late September or mid-October. In the fall you often have the chance to catch salmon when you go sea trout fishing. Good options:


Brown trout and char

The best time for brown trout and char are the summer months. If you ever think about "getting away from everything" for a few days to relax and rewind, you should consider going up to the mid highlands for trout and char fishing. There you feel like you are alone in the world with your own private rivers, birds, and nature. It is also good to do a combination tour and fish either our Southern rivers or Lake system Lýsa with the mid highland

BIGGEST brown trout in the world?

You have probably heard about the HUGE lake trout in Lake Thingvellir, right? There is a private beat on Lake Thingvellir which we call the ION beat. It is fished only with 4 rods so you have your own little paradise for a day. There you have the chance to catch the biggest trout and not unlikely the biggest freshwater fish of your life as the largest one get up to 30 lbs and it is normal to catch 10-18 lbs trout.

Salmon fishing

There are many good salmon rivers in Iceland but there are also many anglers who want to fish them and most rivers have the same anglers fishing the same river on the same days, year after year.
For us to find a river that suits you the best, it is important to know: How many are you, for how many days you like to fish and when are you free to travel.
We usually talk about "full service" and "self-service" rivers, full-service rivers are usually longer with more rods and a private fishing lodge with chefs and staff. Self-service rivers are shorter, with fewer rods and a private lodge/cottage for you and your group. There is usually not a chef in those rivers, but it can be arranged for.

Day tours

Iceland Outfitters offers day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri and the most popular day tours are the brown trout and char fishing tours and our private sea angling tours from Reykjavik. Here you can read about them and see prices:

Best regards, Harpa Hlín