Two of the most dangerous flies in Iceland

The book of truth

In every salmon river in Iceland there is a fishing book, the book of truth. In that book we make a record of all fish caught in each river, salmon is recorded by weight, length, gender and what fly it is caught on. You can go across Iceland and look up in every salmon fishing book and there you will find two flies named much more often than other flies. Those flies are Red Frances and Sunray Shadow.

Red Frances

For decades "Red Frances" has been THE FLY in Iceland. Frances is made in many variations from a small fly in size 20 up to 3" tube and they work everywhere. My belief is that this fly catches the most number of salmon in the world. Frances is made in all colours and many of them are really good such as the Black Frances.

Sunray Shadow

The other fly you should bring is the "Sunray Shadow". The Sunray as it is most commonly called is made in many variations as well. From small hitch tubes up to 5 " long tubes, most popular is the 1-2 inch long plastic tube with 2-4" long wing, they are magic and so much fun to fish with. Perfect for stripping and therefore being really exciting to fish with, they also they work very well dead drifting.

Start with Sunray and end with Frances

It´s as simple as that :)
Tight lines


Best regards, Harpa Hlín