Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Dear friends We want to wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for choosing to travel with us in 2018, you made our year wonderful.

This year was filled with exciting projects, we would like to share some of them with you as well as telling you about some of the expected highlights of the upcoming season.

Urridafoss Waterfall: As some of you might remember, Urridafoss waterfall came as a big surprise to us and the whole fishing world in 2017, it was the sputnic fishing location that year. Few changes were made on the area for this year, the area was fished on 4 rods and still it continued to surprise all of us! The catches were amazing and steady, resulting in Urridafoss being one of the most sought after fishing locations in whole Iceland.

María: We welcomed our beautiful boat María which was a huge success. On Maria we operate few different tours, such as sea angling, whale watching, bird watching, northern light hunt and midnight sun sail. The perfect half day activity for friends and families. We look forward to welcome you aboard!

Fishing Day Tours: We have operated fishing day tours since the beginning but this year the day tours were booming! We are expecting them to be even more popular next season. On fishing day tours you can fish for trophy trout, char, brown trout, sea trout or salmon.

Salmon Fishing: As previous years we had a wide variety salmon fishing tours. Among those tours there were full service tours on first class rivers and self catered tours on various locations. Our small river, Leira, surprised us a lot, the salmon ran earlier than usual and catch statistics much better than previous years, we look forward to see how it goes in 2019.

Trout & char combo tours: We introduced trout and char combo tours, which were very popular this season and sold out right away. Fishing different locations each day on reasonable prices - that sounds pretty good! We still have few prime time slots available for next season.

As always, we are very excited about the upcoming season and already counting down the days! The fishing season starts on April 1st and lasts through October. Prime time for most salmon and char rivers is in July and August and sea trout season is in spring and fall. There are though few rivers that have different prime time, you can trust that we will give you an honest advise when choosing the right fishing location.

Lower Ranga: We are expecting another good year on the Lower Ranga, it has been good the last couple of years and we have the best days of the season available, which is from late July to start August.

Brennan and Straumar junction pools: Great option for families and friends who prefer fishing privately and exclusively. We have good good days available in June & July.

ION beat on Lake Thingvellir: This world famous fishing location is always sought after. You can fish for some of the biggest trout in the world. We have availability in July, August & September.

Laxa river in Kjos: Fishing Laxa river in Kjos early on the season is very interesting fishing, the fish are bigger and more aggressive and the river is only fished on 6 rods. We have few rods open for next season.

Leira River: This season was very fun and interesting on Leira river. The salmon started to run earlier than usual and the fishing statistics are really good compared to the last few years. It is a small and sensitive river but when the conditions are good it offers some quality fishing on very reasonable prices. This could be the perfect option for families and friends. We are expecting to see even better numbers and bigger fish on the upcoming season.

Lakesystem Lysa: Our dear Lysa continues to surprise us. It has probably never been more popular than this season. It offers wide variety of fishing water, it is a productive area which offers primarily trout and char fishing but there are good chances of catching salmon too - and the prices are very good. When the salmon fishing was at its best few years back then there were caught up to 200 salmon per season. We are very excited to see if we will come closer to those numbers in 2019.

We sincerely hope that you will have a fantastic New Year and we look forward to see you in 2019!

Kindest regards,

Team Iceland Outfitters

Best regards, Johanna G