Reindeer hunting in Iceland

Reindeer hunting in Iceland


Reindeers are the only big game in Iceland, the reindeers roam free in the untouched nature in the Eastern part of Iceland. Reindeer hunting in Iceland is a unique hunt for many reasons. The reindeers are not native to Iceland, the wild Eurasian reindeer was introduced from Norway around 1780 and has lived wild in East Iceland ever since. The SCI has a separate category for the Icelandic reindeers in their record books. Iceland is a safe country and the main tourist attraction is the unique and extraordinary nature. During high summer there are 24 hours of daylight, the longest day being June 21st. Reindeer hunting season starts on August 1st, the antlers are fully grown in August and the velvet starts to come of around August 10th. So most of the reindeer hunting takes place between August 15th - September 5th.

To have a chance to get a tag hunters have to participate in a draw which takes place in the beginning of February 2019. All applicants have the same chance to get a tag. There are approx. 1450 tags issued yearly. The draw participation fee is EUR 100, non-refundable but will be used as a down payment if you get a tag.

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