Salmon fishing in Fnjoská, Iceland. July 13th-18th or Aug 11th-14th

Rods are available July 13th to 18th and August 11th to 14th.

There is a self catering lodge for 6 anglers which you can share with the group, but you also have the option of hiring a private cottage by the river. Fnjóská is only a 10 min drive from the "capital of the North" Akureyri where you find plenty of good restaurants and other services. For those who would like to see more of Iceland, or if your fellow travellers are interested in sight seeing while you fish, you are located right in the middle of some of the prettiest sights in Iceland. You can visit Lake Mývatn, Ásbyrgi, great waterfalls, go whale watching in Húsavik and much more

13th-18th July, 5 years average catch is 55 salmon for a week and plenty of Arctic char. 11th-14th August, 5 years average is 56 salmon for a week and plenty of Arctic char.

Fnjóská is ideal to combine with some of the other northern rivers such as the famous Brown trout area at Laxá in Mývatnssveit, Laxá in Laxárdalur and more.

Host: Stefán Sigurdsson

Best regards, Stefán