kjarrá river

Kjarra river is one of the rivers who are famous for starting early and big average size, high volume on 2sw salmon makes this river one of a kind, catch numbers are more than often quite high and in most of the years Kjarrá is located on top 10 over best catch per rod pr day of the Icelandic Salmon rivers. Kjarrá is a natural river and has really big and healthy salmon population,Kjarrá has a combination of canyons, flat gravel pools, grass bank and all that good salmon rivers need to have,

We have two really interesting option available in 2020.

  • June 12-15 only 2 rods left.
  • September 10-13 only 2 rods left.

September Party is really interesting because this is the time when it starts to rain and when that happens, all the salmon from Thvera river and Kjarrá river starts to move and then they starts to take the fly extremely aggressive.

Kjarrá river and the lower tributary Thvera are Mostly C&R rivers so in the autumn Kjarrá is normally full of fish.

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