The fishing season in Iceland has officially started in Iceland. Anglers have been waiting for this day since the season finished in late October. The season starts with prime time fishing for sea trout. For those who have never tried sea trout fishing, it should not be underestimated. Sea trout fishing is a lot of fun and often very active and vibrant in the spring, all anglers should try good sea trout fishing. The sea trout fights well and can grow up to big sizes, or over 20 lbs.

We are looking forward to this seasons with all of you, we are already welcoming our first international anglers, which we will take sea trout fishing and sea angling.

If you want to join us fishing this season or just get to know more about the fishing opportunities in Iceland, please contact:

Johanna: johanna@icelandoutfitters.com

Harpa: harpa@icelandoutfitters.com

Best regards, Johanna G