Fishing in Iceland 2019, last min availability

Life is better when you fish, especially when you fish in Iceland

Some of the first tourists that started to visit Iceland were the English anglers who fell in love with the salmon fishing in Iceland over 100 years ago. From then our most loyal tourists are the ones who fish in our country and many of them have visited Iceland for salmon fishing, every year for over 20 years. *

Good salmon fishing availability for 2019 season

Kjarrá river

  • September 10-13 (afternoon - noon), 4 rods


  • July 3-5 (afternoon - noon), 1 rod
  • July 6-9 (afternoon - noon), 1 rod

Thverá river

  • August 29-31 (afternoon - noon), 4 rods

Grímsá river

  • August 31 - September 2 (afternoon - noon), 1 rod

Straumar junction pool

  • July 21 - 22 (afternoon - noon), 2 rods sold together - private lodge (good combo with Brennan)

Lower Rangá

  • July 28 - August 1 (afternoon - noon), 4 rods

For further information, please contact us tel: +354 8552680

*you might find it strange but many of those people have no interest in seeing other than the rivers of Iceland and usually they have never visited the Blue Lagoon or even seen a hot spring :)

Best regards, Harpa Hlín