3 day salmon fishing combo in Iceland - Prime time 2019

Salmon fishing in Iceland, Straumar and Brennan Junction pools

Are you 3-4 anglers wanting to fish in Iceland?

Here is a super good combination.
Brennan Junction pool, July 19 - 21 (afternoon - noon) - 2 days Straumar Junction pool, July 21 - 22 (afternoon - noon) - 1 day

Brennan is a 3-rod salmon fishing Junction pool of THverá and Hvítá river
Straumar is a 2-rod Salmon fishing junction pool of Nordurá and Hvítá river

The Junction pools are only about 15 min drive apart so it is a perfect combination. Both lodges have nice fishing lodges, the one by Brennan is more spacious and newly renovated while the one by Straumar has more character, the Straumar lodge is the oldest fishing lodge still in use in Iceland. Built by English Anglers who were the first angling tourists that came to Iceland over 100 years ago.

Both these beats are very productive. Primetime is July.
It is fair to expect appr. 3 salmon per rod per day at this time of year, so your chances are pretty good!

"The plan"

July 18
You arrive Iceland and our driver picks you up and takes you to a hotel in Reykjavik.

July 19
Around noon, your guide takes you from your hotel to Brennan where you fish from 16:00 to 22:00. Stay overnight at Brennan lodge

July 20
Full day fishing Brennan

July 21
Fish Brennan until noon then drive to Straumar where you fish from 16:00 to 22:00.
Overnight stay at Straumar lodge

July 22
Fish Straumar until noon then guide takes you either directly to Keflavik where you depart in the afternoon/evening or even better you spend a night in Reykjavik before you go.

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Best regards, Harpa Hlín