Sea trout and spring fishing in Iceland

It is not easy being a fisherman, the winters seem to be so much longer for us. Still, only 30 days to go until the winter is over and we flock back to the riverbank.

In Iceland we start fishing again on April 1st when the season for Sea trout, Brown trout and in some places Arctic char opens. As a fisherman I love the spring, casting for big brownies or Sea trout when nature starts to wake up again after the winter, an unbeatable feeling.

Most of the early spring fishing is on the south coast, but we also have really good rivers in the north.

If you care to join us fishing, we would try give you the chance of using two or three rivers together, driving between them you will be lucky enough to see some of the prettiest sights in Iceland, for example hot springs, glaciers and waterfalls.

Lake Þingvellir


Father and son at Thingvellir National park

Harpa C/R

Best regards, Stefán