Laxa river in dolum 12-14 July

This is our favourite time of year, Big Fish and hitch tubes

Laxa river in Dolum is located in West Iceland, approx. 2 hours from Reykjavik. It is a classic Icelandic salmon river, famous for its large stock of fish. It is one of the best and most productive salmon rivers in Iceland. Laxa river in Dolum is a medium sized, 4-6 rod river and is easily accessible. The river is about 25 km long, double bank, so there is a plenty of space for each angler. The character of the river ranges from faster rocky water in the upper reaches to long smoother flowing stretches in the lower part. It is made for a single handed rod, riffling hitch and small flies. The average catch is about 1220 salmon per season, which is higher than on many other rivers and quite impressive for a 4-6 rod river.

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