2019 availability

Here are some ideas for summer/fall fishing in Iceland.

We have some good days still available this summer/fall, salmon fishing in Iceland.

Lower Rangá

July 28 - August 1 (afternoon - noon), 2 rods available

Self-catering lodge, 1 guide per 2 rods Lower Rangá is the last 8km of East Rangá river until it meets West Rangá. Fishing is going good on East and Lower Rangá this season

THverá river

August 29 - 31 (afternoon - noon), 3 rods available

Thverá is one of our finest rivers in Iceland with probably the best fishing lodge and good meals. Fishing in West Iceland has been suffering because of lack of rain, but we have high hopes towards the fishing after we get the August rain

Leirá river

September 8 - 10 (afternoon - noon), 2 rods, private river with small cottage

Leirá is a small little seatrout and salmon river. If you are thinking of visiting us in September, then Leirá and Kjarrá is a perfect combination for 5 days of fishing. For 2 - 3 anglers fishing together.

Kjarrá river

September 10 - 13 (afternoon - noon), 2 rods available

This is interesting fishing. There is plenty of Salmon in Kjarrá, but same as most other rivers in Iceland, it needs rain. So we are ready to go fishing when the autumn rains start. Kjarrá is by many considered the most beautiful river in Iceland. It is the upper part of Thverá and goes up to the highlands. Very nice fishing lodge with a 1st class chef.

We also do daily fishing day tours from Reykjavik and Akureyri from April - October

Fishing day tours from Reykjavik Fishing day tours from Akureyri

Do you have a half day to spend in Reykjavik?

Then you should check out our boat María, we offer private boat tours sea angling, whale watching and bird watching. Private boat tours, Maria

Best regards, Harpa Hlín