Greatings from Iceland

2019 fishing season in Iceland

Fishing Season Greetings from Harpa, co-owner of Iceland Outfitters

Hello, world!

I hope you are out fishing and enjoying life. In Iceland we are good. Trout and char fishing has been good this summer and our sea angling tours have also been very successful.

Salmon fishing has on the other hand been very tough, as in most Icelandic rivers we hardly have any water. It is a disturbing fact but today's catches are only a fraction of what it is in an average year.

Of course, that is very disappointing and worrying to us, the anglers and the landowners, but we are lucky that anglers understand fishing and sometimes it is tough but sometimes you get rewarded with such an amazing day fishing that you feel it was worth going through the hard, hopeless days.

It is also an amazing victory catching a salmon in nearly hopeless situations, and you never forget the feeling of catching and releasing a beautiful salmon when you thought it was impossible. Some fish are simply more important and rewarding than others. In many of our salmon rivers, we have also been catching plenty of big and strong seatrout which is a fantastic fish to play.

I think I am safe to say that our guests are departing Iceland satisfied with all but the fishing, knowing that we have provided them with the best guidance and overall experience possible. Most of them have luckily seen how wonderful our rivers usually are.

When you live in Iceland you feel bad if you are not out enjoying the day when the sun is shining and the temperature is over 10°C. Then we all put on shorts and rush out to buy ice cream for our families.

This year, we stopped buying ice cream a long time ago and the big question is: „Will it ever rain?“

In 2018, we wondered if it would ever see the sun again! We had rain, fog and cold weather every day for months. The rivers were even too big for the salmon to enter and often flooded.

This year is completely different. The water level is record low, and warm water, lacking oxygen is causing salmon to be waiting out in the ocean to enter. We have hardly had a drop of water in West and South Iceland for 3 months now.

How has my season been this year? Fantastic, very few fish caught but Happy Hours longer than ever before. A day fishing is a day well spent and anglers are the nicest people to spend time with. You know what we say here at Iceland Outfitters Life is better when you fish!

Eventually, it will rain and I predict and hope for a fantastic fall fishing season. We fish for salmon until September and in some rivers until October and fall is also high season for seatrout, so I will be doing some good seatrout/salmon fishing tours in September/October.

May it rain!!

Tight lines


Best regards, Harpa Hlín