Grímsá river, a high class fly fishing water with a superb lodge in a beautiful location

The Queen

Grimsá river is one of the bigger names in salmon rivers here in Iceland. Everyone interested in fishing in Iceland is well acquainted with Grimsá. It is one the rivers that makes Iceland famous for salmon fishing. It is often referred to as the Queen of Icelandic rivers.

Grimsá is known for its beauty. It is a medium sized river and is perfect for anglers who choose light tackle, floating lines, hitching tubes and small flies with single handed rods.

Grimsá is 32 km long, 8 rod fishing, and both banks fished with 66 pools.

The lodge is of high standard and is well known for its spectacular architecture.

We have rods available this summer, so if you are interested please contact or

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Jumping salmon

Beautiful fish. Note the famous Grimsá lodge in the background

Great fishing with delicious high quality meals served at the lodge

Best regards, Stefán