Team Iceland Outfitters: Harpa CEO/Owner

Team Iceland Outfitters: Harpa CEO/Owner

For the next few weeks we will be introducing our team members, so you can get to know us better. Many of you might know some on our team quite well, but here you will have the chance to get to know more of us and them you already know, a bit better.


The next one to be introduced is Harpa, the CEO and co-owner. Harpa started fishing for 19 years ago and when she caught her first salmon on a fly, she knew that she finally found a hobby that she would stick to, which later became her business and lifestyle too.

Most of her time she spends on planning fishing for people from all around the world, but her spare time she uses to plan and go fishing herself and with family and friends.

What Harpa likes the most about fishing is the mixture of excitement, relaxation and accomplishing missions. She loves fishing with her kids and seeing them enjoying it gives her double the pleasure than her own fishing (as long as they are not catching more than she is ). She believes that the time they spend together fishing, are memories that they will cherish - and after a day of fishing, they all go home happy. Happy is though not the only feeling in fishing. Harpa thinks that when fishing, anglers put down their daily masks and get closer to their feelings. Losing a big fish can make you want to lay down in the mud crying like a baby, and landing a good one after an honest fight can make you want to cry of happiness.

Harpa loves all fishing, but mainly fishes for salmon. She thinks she never fishes enough, some day when she has more free time, the plan is to travel more for fishing and has high hopes for her children to return the favor and take her fishing when she gets old.

She cannot mention her most memorable fish, as she promised her husband she would never mention it, it will probably take few more years until the story gets funny. But the most memorable fish she can mention is the 96 cm salmon she caught on Laxa in Dölum in 2016, up until then she had never caught such a big salmon and thought she never would, the feeling to catch it and release it was indescribeable.

Harpa’s favorite fly is Haugur hitch, which she used the first time she tried the riffling hitch. She says that the feeling of seeing and catching her first hitch salmon was as addictive as catching her first, and always fishes with a hitch when there is a chance and loves seeing the fish coming after the fly.

Best regards, Johanna G