Reindeer hunting in Iceland 2020

Reindeer hunting in Iceland 2020

Reindeers are the only big game in Iceland and Iceland Outfitters has 100% success rate so far.

Hunters have the opportunity to join Iceland Outfitters on a reindeer hunt in the beautiful Eastern part of Iceland, where the reindeers roam free in the unique and untouched nature. The hunt takes place in the wild, uninhabited eastern highlands and involves both walking and stalking, though a four wheel drive vehicles are mainly used to get close to the prey. All reindeer hunts are done with the guidance of a private local guide that knows the area very well. The Icelandic reindeers are listed seperately in the SCI reord books. Most of the hunts takes place between August 15th and September 5th, though the season is a bit longer. Reindeer hunting in Iceland is an experience of a lifetime.

In order to get a tag you have to register to the reindeer lottery. All applicants have the same chance to get a tag. There are approx. 1450 tags issued yearly.

The deadline to register is in start February.

If you are interested in hearing more og interesting in registering for the lottery please contact Johanna:

Best regards, Johanna Gudrun