Autumn fishing for salmon in Iceland

Autumn fishing in Iceland

Autumn fishing in Iceland is a very interesting choice. Even though the prices are reduced, the number of salmon caught can still be similar or even the same. Spring and autumn give us the chance to catch the big ones, which is also when they are the most aggressive. Many of the biggest salmon in Iceland are caught in the autumn, during the time when male fish start to get aggressive around spawning time. Many of the rivers in Iceland have an autumn run of both salmon and sea-trout.

We have some exciting dates available in our finest rivers, such as Laxá in Kjós, Grimsá and West Rangá.

You can choose to make a combination and fish two or three rivers in the same visit, this will give you the opportunity to see more of Iceland and get more variety of fishing.

We recommend a combination of the following rivers:

Laxa in Kjos - Grimsá

West Rangá - Laxa in Kjos

Grimsá - West Rangá

For those interested in waterfowl hunting, it is a perfect opportunity to add in the mornings/evenings for hunting as well.

Best regards, Stefán