Laxá river in Kjós

Not many rivers offers more variety than Laxá in Kjós. From the deep white waterfall pools and the long flat pools, down to the tiny river Bugdá which is a tributary of Laxá river in Kjós. Some people call this river the university of salmon fishing and for some anglers it provides the challenge which they seek, because of the variety of pools available.

Laxá in Kjós is one of the top rivers nearest to Reykjavík, only a 30 km drive away makes the river ideal for a long weekend break in Iceland.

It is a medium sized salmon river, made for single handed rod, floating line, small flies and riffling hitch. It is 25km long, consisting of a double bank and 80 pools.

The lodge in Kjós is one of the better full service fishing lodges in Iceland, large but still very cosy. Offering good meals and service to anglers.

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