Leirvogsá river, Salmon fishing in Reykjavik, Iceland

Leirvogsá is a small, exciting, single handed rod river located just north of Reykjavik, Leirvogsá is fished with only two rods, so you rent the river for yourself. Even though Leirvogsá river is small it is very productive and has for years been in the top three of Iceland´s best rivers, in caught salmon per rod.

Leirvogsá is a very picturesque river, twice passing through scenic canyons and in between it meanders along the bottom of a secluded valley at the base of Reykjavík´s very own scenic mountain Esja. Its passable part is about 8 kilometers.

There is no lodge by the river, so anglers choose to stay downtown in Reykjavik which is only 15 minutes drive from the river or in a nearby guesthouse or cottage. There is a small fishing hut on the river bank, used for making coffee.

Due to Reykjavik being so close, anglers often do day tours to Leirvogsá. It is also one of very few salmon rivers that is sold from morning to evening, as on most rivers anglers start fishing in the afternoon, spend the night and fish again the following morning.

A day fishing Leirvogsá is a perfect "add on" to your travel itinerary. If you have a day to spare in Reykjavik then this is a good option. We still have some good days available.


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Beautiful 2 rod river in Reykjavik. One of top salmon rivers in number of salmon caught per day

Best regards, Stefán