Join us trout fishing in Iceland in June, the Big LAXÁ river

The most famous trout fishing river in Iceland is without a doubt, the Queen of rivers, The Big Laxá. Laxá is located in the north of Iceland. It is the river that has it all, spectacular nature, plenty of fish, large fish, fantastic waters and to top it all the river is good for all kinds of fishing methods; nymphing, streamer fishing and dry fly fishing.

We have available rods in June, which is my absolute favourite time to fish the river. When nature comes to life after the long winter and we have 24 hours of daylight. The trout though can be very aggressive at this time of year after many months of cold and darkness.

We have free rods from 6th-12th June and again 4th-10th July.

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The fishing is a combination of several beats on the Big Laxá river so you are always exploring new fishing areas.

Here you can read about and see pictures of two of them:



I look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Stefán

Best regards, Stefán