Available rods on Fnjóská river in the north of Iceland

Fnjóská is truly one of Iceland’s most beautiful rivers. It is long and powerful with long, broad, rocky pools and a dramatic canyon towards the bottom. If you visit Fnjóská river you will see an example of some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in Iceland.

2 rods are available

30th July - 1st August
3rd-6th August 11th-14th August

Fnjóská is undoubtedly one of our favourite salmon rivers, with a 10 year average catch of around 500 pr. year salmon and plenty of Arctic char. The river is crystal clear and flows through a beautiful valley with mixed combinations of bushes, grawl and grass. In total the river is around 117 km long, but the salmon area spans 40 km which is split between 8 rotating rods. The river is medium sized so a 13-14 foot double handed rod would be perfect with a floating line. There is a self-catering lodge for 6 rods, but anglers can also stay in a nearby hotel/guesthouse or in Akureyri.

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Best regards, Stefán