June fishing in Iceland for trout and salmon

There is nothing in the world like the month of June in Iceland. We have 24 hours of daylight and nature is bursting into life. The birds are busy nesting, flying around and protecting their nests, the grass is green and lush and the flowers are in full bloom after the long winter. Iceland is especially beautiful at this time of year.

Iceland outfitters can offer all kinds of fishing in June.

We recommend combo packages where we combine salmon, Brown trout and even sea fishing as part of your stay here in Iceland.

Salmon fishing in the rivers of Straumar, Brenná, West Rangá, Langá, Laxá in Kjós and many more,

Brown trout fishing in Big Laxá, the world famous trout area and of course Trophy trout fishing in Lake Thingvellir

Sea fishing from Reykjavik Harbour or Keflavik Harbour.

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Best regards, Stefán