Goose hunting season in Iceland opens August 20th

We are proud to introduce Melar which is one of the very best goose hunting grounds in Iceland and its only a 30 min drive from Reykjavik. Every day there are several thousand geese feeding on 3.000.000 square metres of barley fields.

Season: August 20th to March 15th Prime time: Mid September - end of October

We offer 3 kinds of packages for hunting in Melar, our goose hunting grounds.

Full-Service Hunt

This is the perfect option for hunters who want a real hunting experience, but also want to relax and try something a bit different between their hunting sessions. Here we offer good hotel accommodation and fine meals. Additionally you will be given the opportunity of doing some other activities during the afternoon, such as sightseeing by car/super-jeep or helicopter, fishing in rivers/lakes or sea, horseback riding and of course dining in some of the finest restaurants in Reykjavik. There is no minimum number of participants.

Hardcore hunt

This option is for the hunter who wants to be involved with the hunting as much as possible, but in order to keep the cost as low as possible receive minimum service. When choosing the “Hardcore hunt” you will learn a lot about the “science” behind goose hunting in Iceland. Ideal for a group of 4 hunters. Accommodation is in a summer cottage/guesthouse/apartment.

Blast and Cast,

This is for those who want to fish for salmon or trout and do some shooting too, Blast and Cast is better early in the hunting season which is at the end of August until early October.

Please contact us for more information. Happy hunting! ...and fishing ;) and stefan@icelandoutfitters

Best regards, Stefán