How many elves live in Iceland?

So what is the population of Iceland? About 320,000 or what??

Iceland itself is 103,000km2 (40,000km2), approximately the same size as the state of Kentucky or Hungary. There are about 320,000 people living here making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe...or is it? According to many people there are many more beings living here, elves, dwarves and hidden people. They live in the rocks and crags in the lava.

As you drive around Iceland you will not see them, unless you are very very lucky. But you will see signs of them in a many places, even in the capital area there is a road which has been altered so that the elves are not disturbed. In the 30s when the road was being built the rocks were supposed to be broken up and removed, but the project was delayed due to financial problems, but then a decade later the construction was resumed. The machines broke down again and again, tools went missing or were damaged, it was just one thing after another. In the end the decision was taken to divert the road around the rocks. Towards the end of the 80s it was time to rebuild the road, everything went well until they reached the “elf” rocks, the plan was to drill and chip off one side of the rock, but the drills again stopped working, one after the other. Soon the workers refused to take part in this and the process was stopped and the rocks left alone. The area around it was bought for building, but no one has ever built anything there so far because no contractors are willing to work there apparently.

A little bit further away is Hafnafjörður, 15 mins from Reykjavík which is said to have the largest settlement of elves here in Iceland. They are said to reside in the rocks and lava around the town. Even as you enter the town there are even signs advertising the fact that it is the town of elves.

Icelandic gardens often have little wooden houses or churches in them for the elves and hidden people to live in.

The hidden people and elves are said to be the same size as humans, sometimes smaller, but wear similar clothes to us and are quite peaceful beings...especially if they are treated with respect and left alone, although sometimes their homes are moved with their agreement. Only a few can see them, but many people believe in them and are wary of the elf residences. So there you have it, the population of Iceland is actually very difficult to calculate.

Dwarf stone in Seydisfjordur - East Iceland

Best regards, Jane