Salmon fishing in Gaula, Norway

Fly fishing for giant salmon on Gaula River in Norway. Iceland Outfitters are offering the world class Gaula fly fishing lodge which has a prolific, private 6,1 km long fly fishing beat in the middle section of Gaula river, both sides of the famous Gaulfossen and north from Stören. The beat consists of 4,5 kilometers of East bank and 1,6 km of West bank. The beat fishes well in all the different water levels and the largest fish caught in recent years on our beats was a 20,8 kg salmon caught in the Bruahölen pool. The average size of salmon is 5-7 kg.


Gaula is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and flows into the Atlantic Ocean close to Trondheim. It is famous for its giant size salmon, the biggest are approximately 20 kilos. The annual catch in a good year from the Gaula river varies from between 30-50 tons of salmon.

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