Fishing in Iceland 2015, availability

Salmon fishing Fnjóská river

Fnjóska is truly one of Iceland’s most beautiful rivers. It is long and powerful with long, broad, rocky pools and a dramatic canyon near the bottom. If you visit Fnjóská river you will see some of the most beautiful scenery on display anywhere in Iceland. Fnjóská is undoubtedly one of our favourite salmon rivers, with a 10 year average catch of around 500 salmon per year and plenty of Arctic char. The river is crystal clear and flows through a beautiful valley with mixed combinations of bushes, grawl and grass. In total, the river is around 117 km long, but the salmon area spans 40 km which is split between 8 rotating rods. The river is medium sized so a 13-14 foot double handed rod would be perfect with a floating line. There are two self catering lodges that come with Fnjóská river, one for 2 rods and the other for 6 rods. Anglers can also stay in a nearby hotel/guesthouse or in Akureyri.

We have available slots

14th-17th July 2 rods.

17th-20th July 4 rods.

6th-9th August 4 rods.

11th-14th August 1 rod.

23rd-26th August 6 Rods.

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